Puppy is abandoned in the middle of nowhere in a suitcase, but he didn’t stop fighting


A few months ago the rescue teams came across to a story that broke their hearts to pieces. On one side of the road they saw a harmed travelling bag, and merely some inches away a dog that was simply a bone.

And the way the suitcase looked gave a clear idea what this poor fella faced.

The state of the dog was really awful. And the man that found him known as rescue team took him immediately under their care. AS the states of the events were really tough.

The biggest problem as that he does not trust anyone, and he had serious belly isues and some other problems.

The founders of him are real angels. In such cases where there are bunch of health problems and but this was not going to give up on him as they believe that he deserves the glorious life.

At first he was too weak, he could not stand or even eat by himself, but then with time he gained his power back and everything was coming better and better.

Little by little step by step and of course with the help of veterinarians we want to acknowledge that he is getting greater and more powerful. He needs love, dedication and affection to come stronger.

Kei has still a long way to go but we all want him to be healthy and happy, and feel the great fruits of love may a good family adopt him. No dog should get such kind of treatement.

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