Shelter puppy comforts her sibling with a hug after being rescued, family love


A call came to the animals resque shelter telling about dog family. Looking at them it was clear that their owners were not caring for them and the little family was depending entirly on each other and and caring for each other.

They were 6 to 8 inches of debris, and they were completely unsocialized.

They took them to veterinary and after the proper check ups it appered that they had no health problems. They just were lack of confidance and did not know what to do when their mom was not around.

And now they live at the shelter were they learn what it is means to be safe.

The staff is working on them to become more confident , they do much better with their mother but try to help the little ones to be more on their own. And also they teach them how to trust.

After a few days Lady became so confident on her own. She loves going out to walks and enjoy her time by meeting new people.

However for the other two pups the process is working a little bit slower. She is a little cutie that loves wagging her tail.All of them are very happy and joyous and depend on one another extremely.

After some time they will all be ready for adoption, and that time they will get more hugs, and lots of affection.

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