Squirrel offered friendship to a woman who was mourning her beloved dog they could love each other


People very often believe that animals do not have empathy or feeelings, but such kind of stories come to prove the opposite. Here two brothers empathized no worse than people.

The week during which they met was the most difficult time of the life of Michelle.

Baji Lou’s dog died in the age of 13 because of serious illness. The woman was very upset and it seemed as if nothing could help her overcome this pain.

And then out of nowhere a squirrel appeared and it was obvious that it needed help. At first she was wary of the stranger, cause when Michelle tried to reach out she jumped away. But then her trust was won.

It was done with the hand full of nuts, which the woman took out from her kitchen. Taking the treat she ran away to do her thing, and then she came to the next morning, in the evening and her visits became usual, and the woman started waiting for her.

Over the time they became so used to each other that Stymie took the nuts directly from her palms, entered the house to drink water, and even relaxed on the sofa.

She is so cute just cast a look at her.

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