Baby tiger who has been rejected by its mom, develops friendship with a puppy, amazing


People consider that wild animals should be kept in cages, but the fact remains that there are endless reasons why they should not. One of the main reasons is that they lose their mother instincts over time.


Today’s story is about a baby tiger that found family with a furr fellow after being neglected by his momma. The cub, Hunter, was born in South Africa.

And not only for the little cub but also for the working staff there was a very tough time. After the tiger was left.

They were trying and searching for another animal that will care for him. When they found Chelsea, a small dog, that straightly loved him. These 2 created such great connection, they became best pals.

As Hunter is a wild animal, for the dog’s safety after 6 months the 2 should be separated. But still they are too amazing. Watch their cute video below.

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