Bunny was born with no ears and got the most adorable crocheted sets from the owner


Some wildlife stories are really able to break the social media and everyones heart. One of them is the fixtion of this rabbit that is fully deaf, with 3 legs, and have no ears.

A 22 year-old girl Rodajia, took Mimi in, and also her siblings and mum after their owner became ill and was not able to care for them.

When she noticed that the little has no ears she decided to create her a set of ears.

She really loves wearing them pretty much, and now she has an impressive collection of homemade ears. But she only wears them for taking pictures or for just fun when sitting at home with Rodajia.

The girl said that she does not tie them so that the litter would be able to knock them off any time she wants.

Mimi lets her put the ears on and then she puts them off easily. Just look how cute and good she is.

You just won’t be able to stop admiring the little one.

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