Injured sea lion climbs onto boat and asks humans for help, just look how small she is


Even the wild animals sometimes need our help. So lately famous filmmaker Hugo Zusho was having chill time with his friendson his yacht off the Californian coast. Suddenly they noticed a strange creature swimming towards them.

These people never imagined that they will have a real encounter with the baby sea lion. And also that the littr one would want to join them on their yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Their boat was near the coast when the kid tried to get on it. She was swimming around and even trying to climb the stairs. Everyone there encouraged her to do so. And finally when she got the boat she looked around.

The poor baby was so confused. It seemed as if she was asking for help and it was one of her best decisions to ask for help, she was really briliant. She was very hungry, and finally one of the man noticed that she was also wounded.

The fact that she knew how to use the ladder to climb up the boat was awe-inspiring.

They gave her the name Amber. She was taken to the nearest rescue center and got the needed treatement. After a few months she was released back to ocean.

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