Rescue dog waits all day for the man who saved her to get home from work, and finally she won his heart


Sara Fitzwater’s spous who works in woal mines, on one of his working days he noted a dog in the surroundings, probably lonely.

He did not know where actually she came from but it was awkward to see her there again on later visits.

After time it became obvious that someone has abandoned her there. Every time the dog saw the man she ran to him and started smiling.

She could won the heart of this man, with her smiley face and landed a special place.

One of his visits became fully changing as the husband decided to bring the puppy to their house and give her the desired family. They decided to name the pup Sadie Kate.

This poor left pup’s waiting to be rescued was over. She was looking something forward to and it was her hero coming to save her. And that dream came true.

Sara was working from home and everytime seeing Katie waiting for him was so touching for her, and she did not want to see that again.

It seems that the dog once without a friend in a world had found her soulmate and he was always worthto wait.

For Sara the pup’s was no surprise as his husband is a very benevolent, attentive spirit that is easy to love. He is like the man of dreams. And she tells her everytime that she hit the jackpot smiling at him.

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