The bottlenose dolphin mom is so attached with the orphaned baby whale and she decides to adopt her


The kindness and sweetness of animals is overwhelming. And there are lots of stories proving that animals are one of the sweetest creatures on earth. Just look the way this baby whale surfs with her mommy.

We can everyday see the stories of animals adopting te orphaned and adopted ones of other species. They start taking care of them without even thinking.

Watching how they look after them is always wonderful and heartwarming. Animal moms are really selfless and cute.

Newborns always need more care and attention no matter what species they are. Look how this mom dolphin takes care of this bizzare- looking orphan whale. This is so attracting.

The calf joined in teh group and it seemed as they two felt each other immediately and had special bonds. Seeing them sharing love is really wonderful.

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