“World’s happiest dog” can’t stop smiling after being adopted, such a beautiful smiley face


This is lady Shortcake the 6-year-old puppy that never stops smiling and it’s one of her best features. Now that she is taken she smiles even more.

She smile as a sign of excitement and also when trying to get out of a trouble. Both ways she has a unique expression. Just cast a look at her and your heart will be melted.

Actually SHortcake was not always living her dream life. She had been found on the streets of California all alone. And she was suffering from some sicknesses.

At first they brought her to a local shelter, but then she was transferred to somewhere else. Matsushima saw her first on socila media via video at the vet.

It was obvious that the pup was nervous but was still smiling and she knew that she should adopt her. Her look was miserable, but the way she wagged her tail and that little smile on her face made Matsushima go and take her.

Once she got adopted she became even smileyer and does it all the time. From the start of the day till the late night. It seems as if she thinks how did i get so lucky to find such a perfectly caring family for me.

After some months her treatments were over and she got the skin conditions fully healed. She felt better and more like herself.

She adores playing and cuddling and she prefers taking naps rather than going out for walks. Shorcake is also very active on social media. Her mommy is always posting pictures from her life.

Like dressing up, adventures, and of course a lot of smiling. Adopting a dog may be very rewarding especially when they are this smiley.

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