A small orphaned opossum grabbed the dog’s back and won’t let go, asking for help


It is a very rare pleasure to observe a special friendship between two different species of the animal world. This story is a perfect example of such a beautiful friendship.

A Melbourne resident was walking her two dogs when she noticed something odd on her dog Kato’s back. She was surprised to find that the little opossum had rolled around on a dog coat!

They seemed completely indifferent to the presence of the baby opossum, knowing that she was frightened and helpless. Sally took the dogs to a wildlife rescue center, from where the baby opossum was taken to a treatment center.

But a few days later, Sally’s wife found Kato carrying another baby opossum on her back! This opossum was a boy and seemed extremely temperamental. With the help of Sally, Kato is back with a baby opossum!

Wildlife workers thought the two opossums were orphaned siblings. Now the cubs are being cared for by a rehabilitator.

When they are large enough, they will be released into a suitable habitat.

Very unusually, they were surprised that the orphaned opossums trusted Kato and asked for his help.

But an unlikely rescue mission has touched the hearts of millions of animal lovers! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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