Open dog beach in Japan


In the Japanese city of Toyoka, there is a beach called Takeno Beach. This beach is open every summer especially for dogs and their owners.

According to one of the publications, this is a real paradise for four-legged animals, they love to spend time there. Dogs are allowed to run on the beach, play ball and, of course, swim in the water.

The best part is that no one complains about the beach. Almost all dogs wear life jackets in special colors that are clearly visible both on the sand and in the water.

This allows owners to bring their pets home. Many come here to be with their dogs in nature, swim with them, relax after a hard week.

And others simply prefer to relax, lying on the soft sand with their pet.

Someone prefers a more extreme holiday, preferring surfing or riding inflatable boats. In general, everyone has a choice, there are no restrictions.

Everyone has fun as they want. Here you can find dogs of all sizes and breeds, from small terriers to large Labradors. They all get along very well.

Everything is good there, people: animals. The beach is full of fountains and garbage cans.

Thus, everything here is arranged so that the owners and their pets can have a great rest.

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