To protect the bird’s nest, the villagers cut off the electricity for a month


The district chief says he saw how many people lost their homes over the year, but he didn’t want these birds to be in the same situation.

The little boy named Karuppu Raja, who lives in the village, used to know from childhood that he should wake up and go to the electrical panel near the house․

Karuppu Raja used to know from childhood that everyone had to wake up and walk to the electrical panel near the house.

He flips a switch and 35 lanterns light up all over the village and the light comes back on to turn the lights off.

Another day he noticed a bird flying from the shield. It had a blue tint. The next day he saw the bird again, this time with branches and masters. But as soon as he saw the boy, he left it all and ran away.

At first he didn’t understand what was going on, then he noticed the bird’s nest where there were three tiny testicles, there were colored spots on it. It was a rare bird that the boy did not know.

He decided not to touch the eggs until they hatched, because he did not want to deprive the mother of the possibility of giving birth to her young.

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