Perm teacher was so handsome they wanted to kick him out of school


Critics say this young man is too good to be a teacher because he pays so much attention to his looks.

This young man has become one of the main topics of discussion on social networks.

He was awarded the title „The most beautiful and attractive teacher in Russia“.

Vyacheslav learned about all this from friends, he didn’t want to end his teaching career because of all this, because he had to restrict internet access, post photos or never cross that line.

Most people supported the young man, and he was a very good teacher, whom the students did not want to abandon.

All have had good results thanks to this young man. However, he decided to quit his job because he was paid little.

He graduated with honors from the Polytechnic Institute and studied in Australia. He has a family he wants to support. He is an English teacher and is known for her best teaching methods.

No one would want to abandon such a teacher! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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