Years after divorce, they met… in a nursing home: this is the most beautiful love


Once Lyubov and Anatoly were husband and wife. Then they decided to break up because they said that they hardly knew each other and it was the wrong decision.

But 3 years ago, Anatoly suffered a stroke and ended up in a nursing home. Last year, Love also suffered a stroke and she also ended up in a nursing home.

In fact, all these days they were very close and did not even know about it, only one room separated them. But one day her niece saw him and told her about it.

And then everything was interesting, because they got to know each other and everyone wanted to see what would happen next with them.

Sometimes it happened that Anatoly sat on her bed and stroked her hand, and it was so gentle, sweet, he did it with love and as if he wanted to take care of her.

He was leaving when he saw that she was beginning to fall asleep. And isn’t that love? Love for them immediately returned, they began to spend hours together and talk all night about everything and everyone. If this is not love, then what is it?

The sparkle returned to their eyes, they shone, and as if they began to live again and again a meaning appeared in their lives. They wanted to live for each other and could not live without each other.

Stay healthy, darlings! We all want you to get well and spend the rest of your life together! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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