The dog found the child in the mountains and told the man where he was


This situation was just fantastic. In the Philippines, a man named Janrell was cycling home on a mountain road when a dog started chasing him.

She barked loudly and followed the motorcycle, but showed no aggression. It was obvious the dog was just trying to get the human’s attention and say something. He succeeded and Janrell followed her.

The dog led him slowly and confidently somewhere along the stones, until he led him to some sort of dump, where he began to circle around the bundle and bark.

The man approached and was stunned in amazement: there was a live newborn in the package!

With the help of police called by Janrell, this little child was taken to hospital, where he was found to be in perfect health. And in the confusion of the incident, the dog was temporarily forgotten.

Of course, he was then called back and found a week later at the owner’s house.

A local religious and charitable organization brought gifts for the dog to the owner’s house.

It turned out that the dog’s name is Blackie, and dozens of other dogs live with her in the house. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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