A woman helps an abandoned dog with terminal cancer live happily ever after


In our world, it is important to hear sad stories in order to understand how cruel and compassionate some people can be.

We will never know what prompted Theo’s owners to dump him in the parking lot – an elderly dog ​​with cancer and little left. There will always be an even better choice.

We are just happy to know that there are people like Jenny Leach in the world. She tries to make Theo’s final days the best of her life.

The 12-year-old boy was not in the best shape when animal control found him in a Walmart parking lot in Joliet, Illinois.

Luckily, he was taken in by BAARK Dog Rescue in Barrington and they knew his unique situation would require a special and loving foster family. That’s when they called Jenny Leach, who specializes in older dogs and dogs with special needs.

He had cancerous tumors all over his stomach. Theo joined a female pack of 10 dogs, all of whom have lived their best lives with a generous foster family and her husband.

These days Theo is happy and energetic in all their family adventures.

Lich’s Facebook followers quickly became obsessed with the adorable dog and shared photos of him eating ice cream and hamburgers and chewing on large fresh chunks of meaty bones.

“People started coming up with new ideas, someone offered to take him on a boat, someone gave Theo a ride in his convertible mustang… it was just amazing,” Leach said.

The main thing is to treat the dog with love, to give her a little joy. Theo received support from Live Like Roo, a Chicago-based organization that helps families pay for dogs diagnosed with cancer.

Live Like Roo offered to cover all of Theo’s cancer-related medical care, which was huge. He also had cancer. And it was his owners who created such a wish list that inspired Theo.

Despite everything that happened to him, he did not know that he was sick, wagged his tail, and I thought he was happy.

Beach trips, tons of toys, treats and love in the environment – what more could you ask for in the last days? Watch the transformation and share it with your friends!

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