Dog was heartbroken after being rejected for adoption and now stares at the wall all day


When a homeless pit bull was first dragged off the street. He turned out to be a very nice boy.

The staff at the Philadelphia Orphanage were confident that this handsome, well-behaved boy would soon find a new home. But the stay at the shelter quickly turned into a nightmare for pit bull March.

He’s not used to living with other scared animals waiting to be adopted. This had a psychological effect on him, and his spark began to fade.

But the biggest blow for him was the refusal of the family, who wanted to adopt him, but changed their minds simply because he was not so playful.

March was devastated when his family took him back to the shelter. He stared miserably at the wall, huddled in a corner and refusing to communicate with anyone in the orphanage.

When a local reporter named Dawn Timmeney heard about him, she decided to share the story on social media. These pictures caught people’s attention and changed the life of a sad boy forever!

Within 3 days of Don’s March effort, a rescue plan appeared on social media before she was listed as a casualty. It was a rare moment when he finally got his freedom.

A new relief organization will take care of March until he is reunited with his eternal family. The story ends on an optimistic note: millions of shelter dogs were euthanized because they couldn’t adapt or find a family in time.

Let’s do our part and be the voice of these unfortunate souls! Watch the video below to see how March’s photo saved him when he was too sad to face the world!

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