A hungry dog left to die by its owners becomes a firefighter


When this pit bull named Ashley was found frozen to death in an abandoned house, firefighters agreed to take him in until he found a family.

It took three days and was quickly accepted.

The New York firefighters loved Ashley very much.

He really was part of the team and even took his place in the truck. He even has his own Instagram account.

Ashley was rescued by a New Jersey-based organization that rescues and relocates animals left for dead.

The company, a non-profit team of 4, has limited resources and is heavily dependent on donations.

It was abandoned by the former owners. His rescuers took her to the New York Fire Department, where they had friends.

He was destined to stay until an eternal home was found for him…

But 3 days after his arrival, they decided to adopt him. The crew fell in love with her and she immediately contacted them.

Ashley even has her own seat in the fire truck and accompanies the crew on short trips.

Every dog ​​needs to be loved and cared for. They deserve it!

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