Black egg yolk: Something serious is happening in China


Specialists in China were unable to detect the appearance of a black egg, no one knows why it looked like that.

It certainly looks like an egg. However, there is something instead of jaundice.

Once a resident received goose eggs. Something was unexpected. The yolks in one egg, then another were terrible.

Surprisingly, the egg didn’t have any strange taste or smell, it tasted just like a normal egg. Of course, they took a chance and tried to eat this egg, but everything except the color looked like a regular egg.

The farmer was very surprised, he did not understand what could be the reason. The rest were normal and this goose may have been sick, but now she’s laying normal eggs again. How did it happen?

Of course, this is only possible if there are some pigments in the bird’s diet. For example, camels love to eat farm geese.

In any case, all animals eat the same thing, but such phenomenal and at the same time strange phenomena have never been recorded before.

They say that this may be due to environmental degradation, pollution, and so on. It’s really terrible. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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