My mother-in-law has always been interested in my salary and one day she called our accountant…


My mother-in-law always wanted to know how much money I get. She always asked me how much I was paid and I always asked why she was so interested in it.

She was very offended by my answer, she always expressed her dissatisfaction with my husband. My husband was not very interested in how much I earn, and I was not going to report to her about my finances.

Then he went to extremes, called my place of work and directly stating my name and surname, asked the size of my salary …

Of course, the employees do not answer him. “We do not disclose such information,” but they told me that they received such a call from a woman.

I immediately understood who was interested in my income. That same day, I called her to ask why she did it. She was confused at first, but then she turned everything into a joke, saying that she just decided to call and find out for herself. Her husband did not like this situation either, he was very angry with her.

My husband never looks at my wallet, because he adheres to the principle that a man should earn money, try to provide for our daily life, and I can spend my salary on my own needs.

Sometimes I also try to invest in our budget, but usually I always buy clothes and household items with my salary.

Husband pays utilities and meals. Together we buy household appliances, set aside money for planned needs. We didn’t have any financial problems.

But my mother-in-law cannot calm down, she is trying to teach my husband to control my finances. But he understands that this is not masculine and does not follow her advice.

She thought that I had a big salary, that I kept money from my husband. I was very angry with her for this, everyone at work reacted differently. I want to have a serious talk with him seriously.

I’m tired of these financial issues because she doesn’t interfere so much in other matters, but my salary haunts her…

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