This man has 24 fingers


This man’s name is Hernandez and he has 6 fingers on each leg and hand, but this does not prevent him from leading a normal life, moreover, he is even proud, because with their help he can earn money, i.e. collect coconuts. what he is paid for.

He even proudly takes poses for photographing, he is not shy about it, he has no complexes.

He says that it costs up to $10 to take a picture with him, which is quite expensive, because in their country the salary is only twenty dollars a month.

Thanks to his twenty-four fingers, this man lives well, he has nothing to complain about. He has a stable job and salary.

If you didn’t count the fingers, you might not even notice that he has six fingers on his hands, because it wasn’t that noticeable unless you paid special attention to them.

Hernandez, during his lifetime, realized that this was not a disadvantage at all, it even improved the quality of his life, helped to make his life easier.

He says that it is very useful for him to have twenty-four fingers instead of twenty.

Once at school, when he couldn’t answer the question 5 + 5, the teacher told him to count his fingers, but since he had six fingers instead of five, he answered twelve.

He has a really successful life, he lives a happy and ordinary life like the others.

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