The dog stopped all traffic on the road to save its owner


One day Chiquita’s puppy barked at cars and passers-by for a long time, he made it clear that his friend was in trouble. He tried to stop all movement.

Soon the woman who was traveling with her husband asks him to stop when she sees a frightened dog. They follow the dog to its owner.

It is revealed that he is in poor condition due to alcohol. He died on earth. They immediately called for help, which quickly arrived and took the man away.

Despite all this, a faithful dog still does not leave its owner. He jumps into the ambulance and lays down on the patient’s chest.

At the end of this story, Milagro decides to find the house where Chiquita and her master Jorge live and discovers the harsh reality of Chiquita and Jorge. They lived in the back of a van.

She promised to help them and take the dog to the vet to have it fully examined.

She made sure that Chiquita could always take care of Jorge.

From this we can conclude that animals have a very big heart and can successfully help their master in difficult circumstances. They are ready to do everything to help them.

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