101-year-old woman adopted the oldest cat from the shelter


If you think that old pets are not adopted and they cannot find new owners, then you are mistaken.

There are many different situations in our life when there are many exceptions. Although people usually want to adopt small animals, there is also the opposite.

One day the family decided to get a cat, and they decided to take the oldest cat in the shelter, he was already nineteen years old.

The 101-year-old grandmother decided to adopt him, she was also the oldest woman in the family.

This story began when Gus the cat was first given to a shelter because his former owners refused to keep him!

When this cat got to the shelter, everyone immediately fell in love with him. This was a month before the cat was adopted.

Since he was very old, the staff thought that he would find the owners too late. The grandmother who came for the cat had just lost her beloved cat and was looking for a cat of her own age.

It seemed like real destiny. They finally found each other!

Goss was a real friend of her grandmother, she felt very good with a cat. The cat quickly got used to the inhabitants of the house and fell in love with everyone.

Now she lives happily with her new family. She loves to stay with her grandmother all day!

Older animals are adopted later and are less in demand, although this is somewhat acceptable as some people don’t want to lose their new friends sooner.

We are all very happy for them. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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