The disabled turtle can once again move comfortably in its own wheelchair


Life can be very difficult for some wild animals, especially when cared for and cared for. But in our world, of course, there are kind people who are always ready to help these animals and offer them their help.

This giant tortoise could barely move because it had severe leg problems.

A group of good people provided her with a pet stroller to make her travels easier.

This turtle is named George, he is 11 years old, and his rescuer is named Jamie. George suffers from a bone disease and his legs did not develop well at birth.

The disease mainly affects reptiles living in the wild. Although the turtles did not walk, George walked more slowly than the other turtles. He weighed 70 pounds.

Jamie says that he used only his front paws for normal locomotion. The larger the turtle, the more difficult it will be to drag the body.

Turtles can live up to 100 years and George could die if he keeps doing this, but Jamie saved his life.

Walkin‘ Pets takes care of old pets. In the past, when an animal had health problems, we got rid of it directly by killing it, but times have changed, and so has the mentality.

Now people are looking for solutions and helping them.

Jamie also decided to change his life and helped him by donating a wheelchair.

Fortunately, George soon had his own wheelchair, consisting of scooters and a seat belt fastened to his body. He was in a wheelchair very easily.

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