10 very funny animals


Everyone knows the basic functions of pets: food and sleep. After them come secondary tasks: guarding the house and trapping rodents.

However, at the same time, there are special hidden features that can only be activated with the right manipulations.

Unfortunately, cheat codes will definitely not help you here, you just need to earn them! Good to know – all animals are actors and love to entertain everyone! True, a little strange.

We bought a new cat bed…

He certainly hadn’t heard of regular poses!

She covered him with a blanket, and the dog did not understand what had happened, but decided to wait

It’s really cute!

The most stubborn people get tired very quickly

But we needed to get you a bigger package…

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam and someone makes faces from a nearby car

He looks very happy!

Very comfortably !

If you do not like to wash, then you will not be hot!

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