A dog lost on the street cries with joy when his owner finally finds him


George from the Georgian city of Tbilisi lost his good friend Jorge 3 years ago.

He tried to find his friend, but everything was unsuccessful, and he believed that he would never see him again, until one day he received a call and was told that his pet was very similar to this dog.

Berezini arrived as soon as possible, hoping to be reunited with his long-lost friend.

He saw one dog huddled on the sidewalk and named him Jorge. And when approached, and what followed, was one of the most exciting reunions we’ve ever seen.

The dog looks at him and immediately recognizes his master, he has been waiting for him for so long!

They hug each other and it’s just a beautiful sight!

It is not clear how he could survive there without water and food, but they both hoped that one day they would find each other and everything would be all right again. And it seems that everything was not in vain!

How much love and tenderness in all this! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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