The incredible transformation of a street dog who was afraid to look at people


This story is proof that one photo can change everything and give a homeless bastard a chance to live his life. Clementine was found by animal control. The dog was severely emaciated, almost unable to move.

Everyone thought that the dog would not survive and wanted to euthanize him within two days.

Elizabeth came across a photo of a mongrel on the Internet and called them, after which she went to get acquainted with the dog. The rescuers were very excited.

Volunteers were told that the dog would have a very difficult and unpredictable journey in his condition.

But Elizabeth has already decided to do everything to help Clementine. The dog was afraid of everyone and did not look at anyone.

Before that, he never knew what the love of the owner, the love of the people. He shivered all the time, hid behind furniture, and sat facing the wall in the shelter for months.

His eyes were empty, filled with pain. He never looked people in the face and lowered his head whenever they approached him or stood right next to him.

Although the dog does not trust people, but, fortunately, he quickly found a language with his new brother and new sister.

He loved spending time with them and walking around the yard. It took the owner several months to cure serious infections and adjust the dog.

Over time, the dog stopped turning away from people and finally looked the owner in the face.

Now he can already look into their eyes when they stroke him, and is very attentive when they talk to him.

He has become curious and playful, loves to be stroked, and willingly exposes his belly to everyone. She will push everyone if they don’t pet her. He loves her very much.

Now the dog feels safe in his new home, with loving owners.

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