Dog mimics leg injury to be noticed by passers-by


Interesting dog stories never end, this dog story shows that animals can be pretty smart too.

Gae is a stray dog ​​who roams the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, pretending to have a leg injury to evoke sympathy and have fun. A good idea came to him and he implemented it.

Kyo walks with his left hind leg stretched out, making it look broken, when people freak out and start approaching him, he jumps up and runs away.

Taviporn Chongplapolcool says this stray dog ​​has always used this trick to get attention and knows the dog well as she has been living in her workplace for several years now.

Taviporn added that she feeds the dog every day, but it looks like he still needs more attention.

One day, she saw Ge attract the attention of a motorcyclist, who stopped worrying when he saw Gay Street eating, thinking he was hurt, but as soon as the man began to approach, the dog jumped up and ran away.

People were worried about him and thought that the dog was injured, but Taviporn assures us that the dog is fine.

“He is an old dog and we checked his two paws. They are both fine. If Ge had an injury, I would immediately take him to the vet.

Dogs are actually very smart, Gay, we’re blown away by your tips! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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