Stray dog hiding in sewer tunnel was emotionally saved


It is always difficult for animals to live on the street, especially in bad weather, they have nowhere to keep warm and feed. Have you ever wondered where they go when it rains or snows?

This little dog from this story lived with another dog in a sewer tunnel until the rain took his friend away. He was left alone and scared.

But fortunately, someone reported a dire situation. The founder of the organization immediately set about rescuing the poor dog from the dangerous river. They quickly spotted the helpless dog lying in the dark.

But nothing was easy for them. Seeing that they were approaching him, the frightened little dog immediately turned into the tunnel. He kept running until he hit a dead end.

Eldad tried to tie a rope to the poor boy, but he again managed to escape. His reaction could break anyone’s heart.

It was then that Eldad decided to calm down.

He went up to the dog hiding behind a chair, stroked it gently, consoled it with all those kind words. This man is truly an amazing whisperer. He told him that they should go home.

Finally the dog calmed down and this time Eldad could easily pull him out.

They were met by Annie, who had already made a green towel to help the dog wash its paws. After Eldad’s efforts, he seemed to trust Annie for a while.

These kind people warmed a hungry dog’s heart. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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