A cyclist finds an abandoned puppy during a ride and decides to adopt him


Until now, somewhere every day on the streets there are many poor animals that need love and care, they have to fight to survive on the streets to find food.

It was a Sunday when Vicky and some friends found an abandoned puppy while riding their bikes.

They accompanied the angry dog, saw the poor homeless and helpless state of the animal, after which one of the cyclists decided to adopt the baby.

It was a very happy day for this puppy, who was found while cycling through villages in Greece. He was happily adopted by one of them.

These „unwanted“ creatures roam the streets all day, and no one pays any attention to them.

Luckily, this stray pup isn’t unwanted by humans, as he now has a new ally, a warm home, food, and of course, plenty of adventures and games to make him smile!

And now he is completely happy!

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