Abandoned newborn kitten struggled to survive


It is undeniable that every day immediately after birth, countless kittens and puppies are thrown into the street. But few newborns were able to survive in such a situation.

However, Buzz was lucky, the kitten was found with his siblings in a box in Vista, California with their umbilical cord still attached to their bodies. This meant that the four were only about a day old.

No one understood what happened to their mother, they thought that she had died, or maybe her owner simply did not know how to treat them.

Upon hearing of these little cats, „Love Your Feral Felines“ quickly rounded them all up and handed them over to a kind foster mother who was nursing the cat at the time.

However, things did not go as they planned. All newborns stubbornly refused cat milk, even a syringe. Their condition worsened too quickly, and they had to rely on the help of a more experienced nanny, Amanda, founder of Kitten Rescue Life.

When she heard about their case, she immediately set off and chased these little ones for hours.

They had a rough start. They weighed only 80 grams. They had stomach problems, lost their appetite and lost their weight. After about a week, they began to recover.

Amanda decided to thank her donors for helping revive these kittens and allowing them to be named. This is how our little Buzz got his name: „Fat Man 2“.

He was a bit of an introvert, it took Amanda some time to finally make friends with this guy.

Unlike their siblings, he was very shy and it took them longer to gain his trust.

However, this name did not suit him very well. The cat was the only one who struggled to put on weight and was also the last one left when all of her siblings were adopted.

So, so that he wouldn’t feel lonely, Amanda sent him to another shelter to spend time with other cats. During his short stay there, he went by the name „Fancy Boy“.

After so many ups and downs, the Fat Man still managed to find a home, but in a way they just couldn’t imagine.

A woman accidentally saw her photos on the Internet and immediately reported this to her friend Mallory, who had just lost a cat, very similar to our Fat Man!

Mallory contacted LYFF immediately, and after a 9 hour drive, Amanda and Fatty finally arrived at Mallory’s in Reno, Nevada.

The strong boy is now living the good life with his brother Bolt under his new name: Buzz.

It’s been such a long journey for Buzz, but we’re all happy that he got over a difficult past and is now such a happy, sweet boy. Good luck baby!

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