The dolphin brings gifts to people from the bottom of the ocean and exchanges them for food


Dolphin is one of the smartest and cutest sea creature.

Dolphin is completely harmless and can create complex relationships, manage his behavior, and use verbal and body language to communicate with each other.

This dolphin’s name is Mystique and he has taken his intelligence to a whole new level.

He is 29 years old and has practically overwhelmed volunteers with seafood on the Coolul coast in Queensland

He offers them beautiful corals, shells and jars lying in the depths of the ocean, and for this he is called „an enthusiastic treasure hunter.“

Thus, it satisfies people who consider it a real gift!

And yet, he is the first of the seven dolphins, who periodically gives gifts to people.

Corals and shells are the most sought after items he retrieves from the ocean.

He gives people real happiness and draws smiles on people’s faces. How can you refuse such a wonderful gift, especially if it gives a dolphin!

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