A homeless man, at the risk of his life, saved animals from a burning shelter


In life, almost everyone commits heroism, as did this man who, despite the difficulties of his life, heroically saved the lives of many animals.

This is Keith Walker, the homeless man who took care of the dog, bought him food and sometimes even found him a place to sleep at the animal shelter.

In late December, a fire suddenly broke out at the animal shelter.

That night, that dog was among them, at the same time the kitchen caught fire, firefighters came to put out the fire.

And, of course, they didn’t save the animals, because the instructions were only for people, people were more important.

They were busy putting out the fire in the kitchen, then Keith jumped into the fire to save the helpless animals.

He managed to get them out of there safe and sound.

Thanks to Keith, animals have a second chance at life.

The shelter is currently under renovation. Until today, everyone is impressed by the heroism of a homeless man and decided to help him find a home in which he can live.

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