Animal advocates rescued the entangled furry animal by cutting off 20 kg of fur to free it


What animal advocates do is simply priceless. Sometimes it seems surprising and wonderful. Their job is not only to save cats and dogs.

One day, employees of an Australian company noticed the presence of a large tangle of tangled hair.

To find out what kind of animal it was, they cut about 20 kilograms of wool. It was a sheep.

A stray sheep roamed the village, he was isolated, there was nobody and nothing next to him.

At first glance, it was a ball of intertwined threads. According to residents, she hadn’t had a haircut for about 4 years.

Wearing such a large amount of fur is very harmful to health and life.

In sheep bred for wool, the wool constantly grows and the animal cannot move.

Their coat requires an annual shearing, which is usually done in the spring.

Otherwise, excess hair can interfere with your ability to regulate body temperature, which can lead to fever and even death.

It was examined by animal welfare specialists and given a new home.

Now it will be easier for her to move and live, the main thing is that the new owners do not forget to cut their hair on time.

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