My father-in-law accused me of treason, dishonored me to the whole village, but then he had to apologize to everyone in front of me


Everyone in the village was talking about this story. The father-in-law took the stone and ran after the bride to punish her well for what she had done.

Relatives told him that when he and his son were not at home, the bride seized the opportunity and cheated on her husband with others. He immediately kicked Teresa, his fiancee, out of the house.

Everyone was surprised, because in the village Teresa was known as an honest and decent woman. She immediately ran to her native village, where his mother lived.

Everyone said that Teresa’s mistress was a foreigner, but it is not known where and how they met. How could she play with their honor like that?

Prior to this, the father-in-law proudly walked around the village until he learned this story. But time has passed and everything has changed.

His son, Teresa’s husband, when he found out about the incident, hurried home and prayed along the way that Teresa would not tell everyone the truth. But Teresa did not answer his calls.

He went home and started arguing with his father, saying why he did it without telling him. He said that his father saluted him on earth, and now he is ashamed.

In fact, the father expected a completely different answer, and was very surprised to hear this, and became angry with him.

The husband said that in fact the girl married him only out of pity. All this time they lived as sister and brother, and even this child was not his child.

For so long, Teresa kept everything a secret, so as not to tarnish her husband’s honor, she endured everything.

He said that he sent the young man abroad so that they could have a second child. The boy said Teresa kept it a secret and if she told everyone now she would be ashamed.

He went on to say that Teresa never blamed him for her condition and always kept his name high, endured everything, even that which she did not deserve, and even now has not revealed her secret.

And not knowing all this, his father kicked him out of the house.

The father-in-law understood everything, at first everything seemed vague and incomprehensible, but then he decided to do what he considered right.

He got up and went with his grandson to the bride’s house to apologize to her in front of the whole village. He realized his mistake and that he had offended and embarrassed the girl in vain.

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