An 11-year-old boy cleared the road to save an injured puppy in a car accident


This is a touching story of a guide who managed to save a dog that was hit by a car in a traffic jam.

Despite everything, there will always be kind people who can help not only loved ones, but also unknown animals or people.

This boy is a real hero. He did not even think about his own life and gave his life for this poor creature.

His name is Jean Fernandez. He is from Brazil. He is only eleven years old.

He noticed how a cute puppy in desperation calls for help. Fortunately, the boy acted quickly and was able to save the injured puppy.

An abandoned dog was hit by a car, and no one even noticed the desperate dog.

He couldn’t look at a sick dog. He quickly ran to the dog, stopped the movement, hugged the puppy and saved him.

Luckily, photographer Rafael Martins captured the boy saving the dog.

These photos were uploaded to social networks and many people praised his act.

One woman even said that the boy was wiser than many old men.

The boy’s parents even said that they were not surprised, because their son was very fond of animals. He always lends a hand to any animal that needs support.

The dog that this dog rescued is called Mel. The dog was taken to a medical clinic, where she was cared for and treated.

He will recover soon and be in perfect health. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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