Dirty, hungry puppy hung his head in shame when he was told he was worthless


Every puppy needs loving care. They do not have the ability to get food on their own.

A frightened and lonely puppy can die of starvation. Finding water and shelter is another challenge that all dogs face.

When this dog was seen alone on the street, he was in a terrible state. He sat, almost hairless, scratching his skin. The most heartbreaking thing was that he bowed his head as if he didn’t deserve the good life.

This upset his rescuers so much! He was killed physically, was exhausted mentally and emotionally.

The rescue team in Brazil named the puppy Sardinia. He was so cute, but mostly reserved. Some residents say he was kicked out of the house when he fell ill.

Rescuers bring him to the vet. The poor puppy had scabies, worms and eye infections. He realized that everyone he met, since he got out of the street, should help him.

It takes a while, but eventually the puppy looks up and looks into his eyes. Convincing Sardinho that he is worthy of love and affection will not be easy. But no one wanted to give up. A very nice woman who loves dogs called the rescue service.

Since resources were limited, it was simply impossible to build a proper animal shelter. The next step for the cute boy is to live with her! She will be the perfect foster mother for a puppy.

It will take a few days, but Sardinia will be able to overcome everything. The puppy lowered its head shyly and began to show its playful side. He liked looking for toys but he was still afraid. As soon as he realized that he was indeed safe, his tail began to wag and a smile appeared on his face.

A neighboring family saw the dog playing in the street. They wanted to meet him and see if he was right for their children. A week later, the documents were ready!

From now on, Sardinia will always be happy. Thanks to everyone who helped it! He deserves everything and more! If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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