Homeless dog mom and her six puppies finally found and rescued


This dog was found with her newborn puppies in a kennel.

Eldad and Loreta Franconite from Hope For Paws security immediately came to his aid. Since newborn dogs are aggressive, they need to be very careful.

No matter what the rescuers suggested, the dog did not dare to approach them. They realized that it was not easy to catch the dog, and used a humane trap to take the pressure off him.

He barked, but little by little they were able to gain his trust. Then he was taken to the puppies and he calmed down when he saw that his puppies were safe.

All were taken to the veterinary clinic.

The Haleakala dog got a little nervous when he saw his puppies being hugged by other people he didn’t know. It showed the mother’s love for her babies.

But in the end they were safe.

Everyone was healthy and the kids were growing fast. It’s good that they are already safe and everything is fine with them. If it was interesting, please, share this with your friends and family.

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