On the trail, the dog was holding the rag with which he had been thrown


This Rottweiler was found on the road near the Dnieper. Nobody knew how he got there. A few days later, an announcement appeared on Facebook that the Rottweiler had been found. They were sent by several volunteers to find the owner of the dog.

Some people came to him and brought him food.

A red cloth was found next to them, from which the animal does not come out. Apparently, this is a bed for sleeping and relaxing, and the dog watches over it.

Ark workers and ordinary passers-by are afraid to take the dog with them. Volunteers reported everything about the whereabouts of the dog.

Community workers say they are looking for professionals who can work with purebred and potentially aggressive animals.

L’Arche employees are afraid not to fall alone on the image of a dog, because it is not attached and does not allow communication.

Many people wrote who wanted to help and offered help, but recently it became known that Rottweilers were captured by volunteers who know the characteristics of the breed. They will take care of the dog’s future.

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