The embodiment of audacity – no doubts, regrets and remorse


The magic of cats is to convince the owners that they are the cutest and kindest creatures in the world. It doesn’t matter that five minutes ago this lover ran across the ceiling and tore the curtains. Or have a disco with the family while you sleep through the night.

Unlike dogs, cats never admit they were wrong, never express regret or remorse. And do not even expect this from them, do not try to explain anything to them! They already have a good life!

And then – a fall, a blow, a chair and a drink on the floor … Chaos is so beautiful.

Cat logic – since they pay the most attention to me, then I am the most important!

Scratch your teeth on the box? No, I prefer to take a log – I scratch my teeth like a real beaver.

The owner finished the sandwich – claim it. That is to say, paw!

Those beautiful unforgiving eyes… No respect for the plants and the person who takes care of them.

Work is for people. For cats – play, jump and have fun

Summary of games with remote control.

Stompers as proof of the cat’s presence. The legs are soft, but they can do a lot.

Isn’t it immediately clear from the look – the sausages cannot be turned over.

Shop closed.

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