The sick, frozen cat was banging on the window, begging for rescue


Frostbite, bloody ulcers, worms, a runny nose, diabetes, and unhealthy teeth and gums, isn’t that the poor cat who tapped on the window one freezing Canadian morning in Quebec?

Suddenly, there was a knock at the window, which seemed to hit a child with a small paw, forcing the man to pull the curtain.

He saw this pathetic sight and the poor cat pointing with its paw at the door.

He was even confused, not knowing what to do, and took a picture of the animal through the glass, so that he could immediately send it to the animal rescue service.

Volunteers arrived quickly and saw that the cat had voluntarily climbed into the cage.

He didn’t even need help. In the veterinary clinic, he steadfastly endured all the procedures and did not complain.

The vet came to the conclusion that the cat is not homeless.

He was without a microchip, with a collar, and they came to the conclusion that the cat simply lived with reckless and cruel owners.

By the way, the list of discovered diseases impressed even an experienced doctor.

The cat received a drop, under which he was three days.

Moreover, without even trying to let go, he simply lay down and touched passers-by with his paw. He seemed to understand that everything we do to him does not harm him.

The flexible cat was named Aslan.

After the cat returned to its normal state, the intention arose to register it in the registry in order to find new owners.

A photo of a woman with a cat knocking on a window has already been posted on the Internet, and Aslan was immediately adopted, and now he is part of a happy family.

He only now remembers the knock on the window and his moments of weakness. And that’s great.

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