People fell in love with this footage of a rabbit biting a snowman’s carrot nose


This rabbit ate the snowman by the nose!

It’s winter now and snowmen are starting to appear around. And not only children are happy to see them, but also animals – dogs, rabbits, deer, etc.

These furry animals love snowmen, especially when their noses turn orange and they have carrots in them. Well, how can you blame them?

When a snowman was made in one of the Canadian cities, people thought that the only enemies could be the sun and heat, but this is not so.

A mischievous hare approached the snowman and ate him by the nose. The family couldn’t be mad at him, so they just took pictures so they wouldn’t miss the scene.

They never imagined that the photos would spread like wildfire across the Internet and people would love it. They really look like a cartoon.

The family filmed a video of a petty thief biting a snowman on the nose.

The rabbit seemed to know what he was doing, and this was not his first time, maybe he had already eaten a lot of snowmen’s noses. He ate and left, leaving her without a nose.

People even wrote poems about bunnies and snowmen. “There was a snowman with a carrot nose”, “The rabbit came, what do you think? And the hungry rabbit ate the snowman by the nose. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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