A woman eating a salad finds the smallest visitor – a little frog


Garfinkel and her family were going to have salad for dinner. They bought an organic triple wash blend from a local store.

Her husband put it in a sieve, rinsed it in a colander, then put onions and dressing, then put it in a big bowl, and from there he started pouring over their plates.

The family was eating at the kitchen table when Garfinkel went to get some more salad. She screamed, knocked over a chair and said that she had a frog in her plate. They looked at her like she was crazy. And then they looked closer and saw that it was a real live frog …

Garfinkel, a vegetarian, immediately felt nauseous. Then she got worried – what’s that frog in the salad? Can it carry harmful bacteria? Maybe he’s poisonous?

Her husband told her it was a small tree frog, but that didn’t make it easy, of course. Her husband noticed that the frog was not very good and did not look healthy.

He was rinsing it under the sink because there was dressing in the salad… They were both animal lovers, and suddenly her husband said that the frog was dying.

But the family recently saw a video of someone gently pressing the chest of a sinking lizard. It was the size of a coin, and he very carefully pressed his finger to the chest, and the frog began to breathe again.

It went from being that awful to, „Oh my god, he’s so cute.“

She has contacted the local store about it, but has yet to find out if he is investigating what happened. She said she was a little worried because it’s a live animal.

The family had a large aquarium, which they didn’t use, but now it has become a home for a frog.

Garfinkel said she’s been through so much that her biggest fear is that the frog will come out and be eaten by the bird.

The lettuce was from the humid part of California, and they had a drier climate. They had a fever then, and if they had chased her away, she would have died there.

The family named him Lucky. She seems to be very happy, jumping around and eating crickets. He was lucky in many ways. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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