Abandoned by his owners, the husky can’t believe someone came to his rescue


Once this husky got a house and a family. The next day he was gone – his owner simply threw her on the streets of Phuket.

In January, the Soi Dog Foundation, which rescued dogs and cats in Thailand, received a phone call and was told that an abandoned husky was roaming their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time the team had to rescue the Huskies.

Basically, Thais only like small puppies, they do not like big and energetic dogs. Huskies are just like that, they are very active and energetic and when they grow up they will be abandoned because they will become big and problematic.

The husky had health problems, he had wounds all over his body, anemia, and more problems with his eyes. Due to many diseases, he lost a lot of hair. But despite his problems and weakness, he seemed so active when people approached him.

The rescuers could not believe how friendly and gentle he was despite his suffering.

Taking the husky under their care, the rescue team immediately began to treat him. After two weeks, he began to look better, and after 2 months he completely recovered.

But, according to Henry, after just a couple of days, the dog began to “smile.” She realized that they were helping him.

In April, his life changed for the better – he was taken to the United States and he ended up in a foster family. Everyone hopes that the dog named Matsi will find a home soon.

Unfortunately, the US has had a similar problem with people giving up huskies – people often acquire huskies without understanding the complex needs of these dogs and end up leaving them.

But everything will be fine with him soon, he will make any family happy. It’s good that he is already happy and wagging his tail! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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