At the age of 71, a pensioner builds a summer house, which she so dreamed of


Getting to the village of Mechta in Omsk is a little difficult and expensive, because there is only one bus, and if you are late, you will have to take a taxi.

Many locals even hitchhiked to the nearest village and boarded a bus. And when they got home, they were so exhausted that they just wanted to lie down and have tea.

But how to do all this if you have no roof over your head? In the end, one of the tenants, Lidia Beloborodova, decided to build a house, which was a pretty crazy decision since she had never done anything like this before.

She worked as a seamstress and then at an oil refinery. She received instructions on how to build a house, talked to knowledgeable people and went to work. Sure, the workers did the hard work, but she did the rest.

Her money was only enough to buy the necessary materials. That is why, as she says, she counted only on herself.

She started working in August, and at the end of November the walls and roof were ready, in the spring the work had to be stopped, as the woman had to harvest, and at the end of October she had already finished the work.

She only has a few finishing touches left. Many didn’t believe she did any of this because she didn’t have proof. But she said she couldn’t work and take pictures at the same time, but they could ask his neighbors if they didn’t believe her.

Now Lydia is convinced that all we all need to do is believe in ourselves and start working. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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