Emotions of a cat visiting the beach for the first time


Meet this red cat, this is Pumpkin. Once he and his brother Usatik were taken away from the orphanage.

Thus began a new cat life, happy and carefree, full of positive emotions.

Now they walk and travel with new owners and delight with their unique emotions, but that’s why they are cats, their emotions are sometimes unpredictable and we don’t know what they think.

One day they were taken to the beach.

At first, Pumpkin and Usyk happily walked along the shore and enjoyed the summer breeze.

But then a strong wind arose, and then the Pumpkin simply surprised its owners.

He did not like the wind so much that he began to make funny and ridiculous faces at it.

How not to capture this on camera?

According to the owners, this is a very positive animal that can please and delight its owners.

Charming Usyk is in no way inferior to his brother.

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