In America, a dog named Nakio was finally lucky enough to walk normally


This is a dog named Nakio who was given the opportunity to walk normally. He was fitted with prostheses on all four legs. At the age of five weeks, the owners refuse puppies.

All the puppies overwintered in a regular box and most of them overwintered well, but Nakio was not so lucky.

The dog’s limbs are frozen because he spent a lot of time in a puddle of ice. But the puppy was lucky enough to be found by Christy Tomlinson.

This man works as a veterinarian at a local dog shelter. Although Nakio was rushed to the clinic, the animal’s legs could not be saved.

The technician then collected donations for the dog’s hind legs, and the veterinary clinic paid for the cost of two artificial front legs.

One of the founders of a company that makes artificial limbs for animals said they hope to give the animal a chance at a normal life.

They were surprised that the dog quickly adapted to his new limbs. Now he runs and can play like other healthy dogs.

This experiment was carried out for the first time. Before that, no one had ever tried to replace all the limbs of an animal with prostheses, usually it was limited to two legs.

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