Video: Woman rescues paralyzed dogs from the street and gives them a second chance at life


Sarah Moran once found a dog on the streets of Peru that was very weak and dying after being hit by a car.

Sarah was a big dog lover, saved the dog and spent many sleepless nights taking care of it. But when she realized that the dog was paralyzed due to her injuries, she decided to become the guardian angel of sick and injured dogs in her hometown.

When Sarah realized the problems of stray and stray dogs in society, she took turns rescuing them and bringing them home.

For 10 years, she saved the lives of several newborns who were injured on the streets. When it became apparent that he was living with over 70 rescued dogs in his tiny house, he finally decided to turn his house into a dog shelter.

Sarah now provides shelter and medical care to hundreds of dogs. She specializes in caring for paralyzed and crippled dogs and has repaired several of her dog strollers. She also received many victims of abuse and abuse.

Every day, a selfless woman spends hours feeding her disabled dogs and changing their diapers. Sarah made comfortable cradles in her home so that paralyzed, sick or recovering dogs can live as comfortably as possible.

With the help of her volunteers, she took the dogs to the local beach and let them play and jump like the happiest dogs. As these dogs grow up under Sarah’s care, it’s no surprise that many of them end up in beautiful homes despite their physical handicaps.

Sarah is unwavering in her determination and commitment to provide a better life for stray dogs, which makes her a true superhero. We admire her compassionate nature and her passion for fixing „broken“ animals! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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