A woman saved a puppy during a marathon and ran with him


This is Khemjira, an avid runner from Bangkok, Thailand.

Although she loves competition very much, she knows that there are more important things than setting a record.

One day she was running a marathon when she saw something. There, about 7 miles away, he noticed a small puppy on the road.

Instead of continuing on her way, she decided to stop and help the dog. For the next 19 miles, Klongsanoon adopted a puppy.

Now he was in good hands. Here are photos of her and the happy dog ​​running along the path.

Of course, the puppy remained in the hands of the klongsanun until the very end. However, this will not be the end for Klongsanoon and his unlikely partner.

After that, she decided to take him to her and live with him.

On the way, she took a well-deserved rest.

Since then, Klongsanoon has taken the dog, now named Nong Chom, for a veterinary checkup.

She then introduced him to other dogs in the family and now he is surrounded by love and warmth.

At least Nong Chom is at home now.

Every dog has a part of his life where everything has changed, but few of them will be remembered as well as this one.

And it’s unclear how much time Klongsanoon spent running that day because of the puppy.

Such details do not matter much compared to the love life that awaits him now. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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