Growing stones, open-air museum


These miraculous stones can be found in Romanian cities. They have the ability to grow and multiply like mushrooms.

Most of these stones do not have sharp fragments, they are round or with accentuated eggs.

There are different rocks in these places, these, these trenches are not much different from them.

These stones grow like mushrooms, grow constantly. In turn, clever Romanians make souvenirs and jewelry out of it, so everyone has the opportunity to bring a piece of Travel Miracle stone.

Those who have seen these stones claim that, when wet, they sometimes begin to move inside the house, which is a rather strange phenomenon in nature.

The fastest growing stones were observed in the province of Valcha in Romania.

There are even stones of different types, colors and shapes.

In 2006, they became very popular among tourists and people decided to open an open-air museum so that people can see the uniqueness of this nature.

Its area is 1.1 hectares. Stones from all sides are collected on the territory of the museum.

Stones could also be bought to make souvenirs or simply used as decoration. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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